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2'Live Bre Hits iTunes Charts

Shine judge and Hip Hop artist, 2'Live Bre, hit the iTunes Charts today for his new single "Pray 2 God" featuring his only son.

2'Live Bre on Shine, Season 2

Bre just released his new song on June 22nd and it hasn't taken long for it to pick up steam. Fans have been asking when his new music would be dropping, and now he promises even more coming up.

Lyrics to his new single include "I’m back, I’m gone, these jokers ain’t on what I’m on. I bet they feel sick, cuz I’m on, all them old feeling is gone."

In a previous article, BTV Insider uncovered that his YouTube page, that garnered millions of views and 100k subscribers, was stolen and deleted. Sources close to Bre said he was being sabotaged. "He's been bullied by people who really don't want to see him succeed," a source close to Bre said.

Now a young single father, who's son also makes an appearance in the music video, is juggling many different things.

"I'm ready to show the world who I really am. No fake industry bulls*** anymore." He continued, "I'm proud of myself."

Bre's song "Pray 2 God" hit 163rd today on iTunes' Hip Hop charts.

He posted on twitter saying, "D*** I can't act like it's normal and small, I'm really charting on iTunes right now next to the goats of todays game..."

Bre has build his reputation on being an upfront kind of guy. He's humble and gracious in all of his endeavors. Which Bre says "isn't always the case" when working with Hip Hop artists around the globe. His love for music shows on the hit series, Shine, where he was promoted in season 2 from guest mentor to A&R and judge.

His fellow judges on the show agree about his love for music..

"He's one of a kind, [he's] like somebody you want on your team," Grammy winning artist and judge on Shine, Ashthon Jones said.

"Putting him on the panel was probably one of the best decisions I've made while producing the show," judge and creator of Shine, Brandon Stewart told us.

The chemistry between the three of them is undeniable. There's been talks of spin-offs and more seasons. All three of them have been actively promoting the return of the 3rd season coming back in September.

Bre tells us he has many things happening. From his new shoe line, his new baby, his new music, and the return of Shine. His schedule is full as he gears up for his next big steps - and collaborations.

"I've got collaborations lined up that are going to shock the world. My focus right now is leaving an impact. That's what I do in my music and that's why I'm involved with Shine."


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