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2'Live Bre Releases New Song "Pray 2 God" (Exclusive)

Hip Hop artist and judge on Shine, 2'Live Bre, has just released a new single for fans worldwide. He's back and better than ever.

Lyrics to his new single include "I’m back, I’m gone, these jokers ain’t on what I’m on. I bet they feel sick, cuz I’m on, all them old feeling is gone." Fans have been asking when his new music would be dropping on. And we think he delivered more than what was expected.

In 2019, fans of Nashville rapper Breion Dixon, better known as 2’Live Bre, might have imagined he was on top of the world. He was on tour, building on national recognition for his appearance on Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow, and sitting on the judging panel for BTV's Shine - a series where he discovers talent.

His YouTube page that had garnered over millions of views and 100k subscribers, is now gone. Sources close to Bre told BTV Insider that it was stolen and sabotaged. "He's been bullied by people who really don't want to see him succeed," a source close to Bre said.

Now a young single father, juggling many different things, Bre sat down with us to talk about his new single.

"I'm ready to show the world who I really am. No fake industry bulls*** anymore." He continued, "I'm proud of myself. I stay pretty hard on myself, but I'm learning to become more gentle."

We asked him about his struggle he faced last year with mental health, a struggle he was very open to talk about with his fans.

"My battle with mental health has opened so many doors for me to learn and to pass what I've learned off to those who will listen."

Nelly and 2'Live Bre on July 7th, 2022

This is not the first time Bre has spoken out about his battle with mental health. On his series Shine, he discusses several experiences he went through during filming. He even shares them with some of the competitors in unreleased episodes coming up at the end of the summer.

Bre tells us he has many things happening. From his new shoe line, his new baby, his new music, and the return of Shine. His schedule is full as he gears up for his next big steps - and collaborations.

"I've got collaborations lined up that are going to shock the world. My focus right now is leaving an impact. That's what I do in my music and that's why I'm involved with Shine."

We asked him if there might be another season of Shine following season 3 currently streaming.

"Yes," he told us with excitement. "I'm actually working with BTV on a variety of new things. We haven't got the green light on season 4 yet, but bet there is a spin-off or 2 already in the works."

Did he just say spin-off? Yes, he did. When we doubled down, he went into a little more detail.

"There is a lot of reality TV that BTV is working on right now. Shine is coming back after the summer, but we've been talking about other things too. There's even been talks about producing a dating show around me. They're always cooking up something and we're working on some new ideas together."

The founder and CEO of BTV, Brandon Stewart, recently attended the BET awards, where he previously stated what Bre is saying is true. There are confirmed reality programs such as: Getaway Los Angeles, Sister Rules, Abby Lee Miller Untitled Project, Cynthia Bailey Untitled Project and others.

When we asked him what kind of unscripted project he might want to take part in he answered, "all of them" with a laugh.

Bre recently had one of his last singles, "Best Life" featured in an episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, and has a few other unannounced placements coming soon.

"I just keep my head down and work. I don't tell the world about all my success 'cuz that's on me. I hold myself accountable." He continued, "The best part about making music is getting the finished product. I get proud of what I've made. I get proud to share it with the world."

Listen to Bre's new single out now and don't miss the return of Shine at the end of the summer.


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