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2'Live Bre Sold Out Last Night's Show at Analog

Former contestant on Netflix's Rhythm and Flow, 2'Live Bre sold out of tickets during his debut concert in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee at Analog in the Hutton Hotel last night.

2'Live Bre LIVE at Analog in the Hutton Hotel. He poses with his son. He is a judge on Shine, Brandon TV BTV. Hip hop artist from Rhythm and Flow.
2'Live Bre LIVE at Analog

The Hip Hop artist is currently a judge on America's number 1 singing competition online, Shine, and recently released a single titled "Pray 2 God" that charted on iTunes. At one time, Bre had a YouTube page that had garnered over millions of views and 100k subscribers - but now it is gone. Sources close to Bre told BTV Insider that it was stolen and sabotaged. "He's been bullied by people who really don't want to see him succeed," a source close to Bre said. Recently, Bre has been bouncing back.

Bre has learned that helping the next generation, much like he does on Shine, is what brings him the most happiness.

His company Butterfly Nation, a sponsor of the show at Analog, will be giving a portion of the proceeds he made to youth camps in the summer of 2023. Other sponsors for the event included Red Bull and Primms Appetit.

2'Live Bre during his lecture on Shine Season 3. Brandon TV BTV original series online singing competition. The best online singing competition in America where artists fight for their chance to join Bre's record label.
2'Live Bre, Shine Season 3

He posted on social media today with a caption that said "my son did this for me." The proud father is now trending again, after his concert promised fans new music on the way.

Courtesy of 2'Live Bre, Facebook Analog concert Hutton Hotel 2'live are marque
Courtesy of 2'Live Bre, Facebook

Many artists wait their whole careers to pack a venue and perform their original songs. Bre not only did just that, but he literally saw his name in lights around the corner where he once grew up.

"I'm without words right now, just blessed man. I'm just blessed for this." Bre told BTV Insider. Though many would think his schedule might loosen up after the concert, it's actually doing the exact opposite. Bre is launching a record label and is currently searching for the best artists to sign on Shine. He is making the business move with Brandon Stewart, a studio owner from Los Angeles, California, and Ashthon Jones, a Grammy winning reality tv star.

Catch Bre on Shine Sunday nights, only on BTV.


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