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2'Live Bre Speaks Out About Mental Health

Hip Hop artist and judge on Shine, 2'Live Bre, speaks out about his struggle with mental health and how he overcame.

In 2019, fans of Nashville rapper Breion Dixon, better known as 2’Live Bre, might have imagined he was on top of the world. He was on tour, building on national recognition for his appearance on Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow, and sitting on the judging panel for BTV's Shine - a series where he discovers talent.

But he wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

He posted a video on Instagram, which has since been deleted, in which he opened up about his struggle with depression. In an exclusive interview with Nashville Scene, he said "A lot of people don’t like to claim depression, and instead they like to claim, ‘I’m going through something. So many people are dealing with this in a secretive way. I’m like, ‘Let me be the voice and give them music they can relate to.’ It doesn’t matter if it’s a million people or 10 people."

He spoke at an event today regarding his experience with mental health, overcoming a past that caused him to shy away from the things he loved.

He posted on his Instagram yesterday "I'll be on there telling my story and just being me..." inviting individuals who may have faced similar trauma.

This is not the first time Bre has spoken out about his battle with mental health. On his series Shine, he discusses several experiences he went through during filming. He even shares them with some of the competitors in unreleased episodes coming up at the end of the summer.

Bre has teased new music on his Instagram, but his YouTube page that had garnered over millions of views and over 100k subscribers is gone. Sources close to Bre told BTV Insider that it was stolen and sabotaged. "He's been bullied by people who really don't want to see him succeed," a source close to Bre said.

Don't miss Bre in the return of Shine's third season coming in September.


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