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2'Live Bre Takes Little Cousins to Recording Studio for Christmas

2'Live Bre decided to surprise his baby cousins with an all expensive paid trip to the recording studio - and now they have a new Christmas song coming soon.

Bre's full name is Breion Terrance Eugene Dixon, and he lives to inspire a generation of fearless, resilient over-comers to experience unbridled impact through modern storytelling. Bre is a hip-hop music artist, but also known from the judging panel on Shine for the last 2 seasons (3 years). He is nationally acclaimed sharing stages with artists like Cardi B, Migos, Yo Gotti, Young Thug and has appeared on Netflix shows and other motivational-driven TV projects.

Check out his Instagram story below, where he took his cousins to the recording studio for Christmas. It will really get you in the holiday spirit. And you might want to grab a box of tissues, because it'll melt your heart.

Catch Bre on Shine where he scouts the United States for the next underground phenomenon. The audition tour just ended and the competition heats up with new episodes returning in 2022.

Happy holidays insiders!


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