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2'Live Bre Talks Being a Judge on Shine Season 3

In an exclusive sit down, 2'Live Bre discussed why sitting on the judging panel for Shine is special. "An artist today, they may be sorry, tomorrow they may be good, the next day they may be great," he said.

Catch the full interview with Glasse Factory here.

Courtesy of Shine

As a hip hop sensation, Bre has been making major waves in the music industry. Born Breion Terrance Dixon, the budding star quickly found his way working with Migos, TI, Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and other superstars alike. His music has been streamed, purchased and played for millions across the world and he now returns to the judging panel for the #1 competition short form series in America.

Bre recently received a new job, aligning with his success in music. He wrote online the he, "came to change the narrative...the lack of support of urban culture in Nashville is coming to an end." He posted this after announcing his new position at Streetz 99.3 radio station in Nashville, Tennessee. He continued, "This is for the future black actors, singers, rapper, dancers, make up artists, many years we didn’t have the outlets to stand strong and touch the masses. On this platform I’ll be shinning the light on the hardest working people from my city and across the globe."

Bre is motivated by helping those around him. Now a radio personality for the first black owned radio station in Nashville. "It’s time to change the culture," he told us. "You can download the app and prepare for in depth discussions with some of your favorite celebrities & influencers."

Bre has officially taken his career into his own hands, now a totally independent artist working to put his own voice back into his music.

He dropped his newest album here titled "The Final Chapter" opening up about his mental illness, losing his best friend and overcoming from his past. Today the Nashville native believes he understands his issues and speaks candidly about them, on record.

Catch Bre on the third season of Shine premiering in October 2020

Courtesy of Tim Hendrick


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Courtesy of Glasse Factory

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