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2'Live Bre will Donate Profits From Upcoming Concert to Children with Disabilities

The infamous judge from America's #1 online music competition, 2'Live Bre is headlining a show on March 18th, where the profits will be donated to children with disabilities.

Shine BTV 2'Live Bre and his son at his live show. Singing. Black man. Black single father. Microphone. Shine music competition.
2'Live Bre and His First Born Son

Bre is a hip hop artist currently on the judging panel for Shine, recently having released a single titled "Pray 2 God" that charted on iTunes. He has learned that helping the next generation, much like he does on Shine, is what brings him the most happiness. Which is what his next show is all about,

The former contestant on Netflix's Rhythm and Flow, has almost sold out his upcoming show. It will be taking place on March 18th, at City Winery. He shared with us that "every penny I make will be going to the Tennessee Respite Coalition."

The Tennessee Respite Coalition provides relief to families and caregivers from the extraordinary and intensive demands of providing ongoing care.

"It's an honor to be able to provide aid when I can," Bre told us. "I'm grateful they're allowing me to use my music to bring positive change for their charity. My music has always helped me when I needed it most."

2'Live Bre in Shine, Season 2. BTV Studio. Brandon TV. YouTube Show. Web Series. Reality TV show. Netflix. 2'live Bre rapper, singer, hip hop artist
2'Live Bre in Shine, Season 2.

He continued, "Now I get to share my music in a positive way, ya know, a way that extends past profit or fame. I've never been passionate about music for the fame or the money. Charities like these, I believe, are why I have a voice man."

The show will be live taped, and is sponsored by his company Butterfly Nation.

One thing about Bre, is he brings a crowd everywhere he goes. Looking back on when he first joined Shine's judging panel in season 2, the ratings more than doubled. It's no shock his added pranks and antics keep the audience on their toes week after week; which is exactly why his fans love watching him live.

Courtesy of 2'Live Bre's Facebook. 2'Live Bre Music Release Show TONIGHT. Analog. Live show. Nashville, Tennessee.
Courtesy of 2'Live Bre's Facebook

In his last show in Nashville, Tennessee, Bre didn't just sell out the Analog, but he realized his most cherished moment came to fruition. A moment many artists wait their entire life to achieve, having 'their name in lights.'

Bre told BTV Insider he's "never been busier." Since his last show, Bre sat on the panel for Shine's first spin-off, Shine Juniors, and is gearing up for a possible reunion following the third season of Shine. Bre is launching a record label looking for the best artists to sign on Shine.

He is making the business move with Brandon Stewart, a studio owner from Los Angeles, California, and Ashthon Jones, a Grammy winning reality tv star.

Catch Bre returning to Shine Sunday nights, only on BTV.


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