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2021 - I'm Coming for You!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm wishing good graces, great health and happiness to you all! This is the year to take your lessons from 2020 and put them into action.

Last year was a time for rest, reset, reflection and growth. This year is for pursuing your purpose and accomplishing whatever the hell you want to! It's all possible with love and belief in yourself, patience, persistence and doing the work.


I have two major announcements I'd like to share.

Last night - I was part of a virtual leadership panel hosted by the Los Angeles Tribune. It was humbling to be invited to speak and learn from such an eclectic group of do'ers! I've been invited to be a reoccurring guest on the panel. I'm so happy to have been connected with such a prestigious, local publication.

Los Angeles Tribune's Virtual Leadership Panel

I'm also excited to announce that I'm an official contestant in the Miss Jet Set Magazine 2021 competition!!! Miss Jetset Mag is a travel and luxury lifestyle magazine that showcases boss women in travel, leisure and business. I have a chance at winning $50,000, being the face of the magazine, and pageanting my way across the globe as Miss Jet Set 2021.

This could be absolutely life changing, I appreciate every vote and share! The link to vote is here and it's in my IG bio as well!

Stay tuned for more good news. Talk soon :)

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