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23 with a Money Tree

Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 23 this past weekend, I know I know, still young. God does it feel good to be given another year. Last year, I decided to give myself a birthday present in my personal life. I did something small and reached out to a guy I thought was my soulmate. Clearly he wasn’t, but I can’t say I didn‘t try now lol.

This year I decided to quit my poorly managed second job. I was making big bills at that place, but I was very unhappy. That’s the thing.... life is too short to stay at a lucrative, toxic job. I can’t stop celebrating! Now to decorate for Valentine’s Day 🖤

Also having more time for Translucent Cosmetics feels amazing. I recently did a photoshoot with Berto and his friend Jess, obsessed. I wanted to do something bold so this look is fun and fierce.

I also recently launched a giveaway for Valentine’s Day and also partnered with Lusso Vitale for one! Talking about giveaways, I won one from Good Food Gurus and Lusso Vitale! I entered and won fair and square so don’t come at me lol.

Nothing but good vibes all month long! I’m not saying this is the year, but holy shit it feels amazing to be so focused on myself and who I am. I keep finding, and making, blessings upon blessings. Negative people will see my smile and be bitter, I know that. I am so happy I am not them.

Absolute love and positivity this week friends 🥳

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