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A "Shine" Reunion to Remember

The OG cast of Shine reunited in a post that hit the show's instagram last week.

The caption states, "These three judges sat on the panel in S1 (2017) helping usher in a new wave of entertainment, commonly known as “short form” today. Along with discovering artists from across the country, these three brought us laughs, tears and lots of memories. And at the time, they were one of the first short form shows to market. They believed in our vision before anyone else. They helped jumpstart careers. They helped jumpstart our legacy. A legacy we hope lives on, for many years to come."

Brandon, Ashthon and Rilan in Season 1 of Shine

This reunion could mean a lot of different things. Could the three be working together again? Does this relate to the current season on air? Is Rilan going to be returning to Shine?

It was just announced that Shine will return on December 10th. The Top 40 is almost wrapped out and then it will be time to head into the next round to navigate which of the Top 40 will make the finale.


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