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Abby Lee Miller Attends "High School Musical" Premiere

The season 3 premiere of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is here and Abby Lee Miller attended the event - alongside her Dance Moms sidekick, Gianna Martello.

We’re all in this together! High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (or HSMTMTS or 'short') is returning to Disney+ for a third season, and the Wildcats are leaving East High for a new adventure.

The show made its debut on Disney+ in November 2019. It was inspired by the three-movie High School Musical franchise, which aired its first two movies via Disney Channel in 2006 and 2007, respectively, with the final installment premiering theatrically in 2008.

"From day one, I always saw us as what I hope is a long-running series, and I knew that if we cast the right talent who had the right chemistry and who were proud theater kids themselves, the audience would become engaged with their journeys,” show-runner Tim Federle told BTV Insider.

After becoming attached to their favorite characters’ stories, fans rallied for a second season, which premiered via Disney+ in May 2021. This time around, the Wildcats took on Beauty and the Beast in hopes of winning an Alan Menken Award for high school theater productions. Amid rehearsals for the show and their battle against rivals North High, fan-favorite couple Nini and Ricky were dealing with hardships in their relationship.

Fans hope the pair will be able to figure out their differences as the show continues, but it’s unclear where their future stands since Nini may have an exciting opportunity in her future. During the season 2 finale, the high schooler received a phone call from Gina’s music producer brother Jamie (played by Jordan Fisher).

So leading into the season 3 premiere, it's safe to say there are plenty of possibilities. The Wildcats will be saying goodbye to Salt Lake City and hello to Camp Shallow Lake in California. The official season 3 announcement from Disney+ promised “campfires, summer romances and curfew-less nights.”


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