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Abby Lee Miller Reads Hate Comments

The iconic dance teacher is now giving the stage to some of her haters. In a fun take on her own roasting style, Abby reads some hateful digs about her on camera.

From accusations of using her former cast mates for views, to the reason why she "doesn't speak" to the OG moms on the show, she lets us in on some hot tea.

Abby Lee Miller spotted in Santa Monica

Though Abby Lee has been known to be tough, she has recently finished a battle with cancer that left her wheelchair bound.

"Everyday is a struggle," she told us.

The former Abby Lee's Ultimate Dance Competition star said she takes it one day at a time. A source close to Abby said, "she is working everyday to stay positive and see what the future holds."

Her recent viral activity on her own YouTube channel has shown us a new side to Abby, a side that's much more palatable. In several of her videos, she reminds viewers that this is the real her. She said, "this is what you get when you're not being produced."

She then continued, "Sure I'm intense, but I do it out of love."

One thing we know, Abby is on a roll. She has just hit 515K followers on YouTube, 2.4M followers on TikTok and 4.2M Followers on Instagram. Subscribe to her social network, and check back here to stay in the loop for what are some big announcements coming soon.


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