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Abby Lee Miller Ranks the Worst Fights on Dance Moms

Dance Moms was a hit reality series on Lifetime following Abby Lee Miller, an American dance instructor and choreographer, build young dancers into stars. Abby once sat on the judging panel for Dancing with the Stars and her spinoff competition series, Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, so she proved to know a thing or two about talent.

Though much controversy follows Abby, she has been consistently trending on YouTube through 2022. And it's because she is taking on hot topics surrounding what has happened in her life, and how she got to where she is. Which she announced would be covered in her new documentary currently in production.

But recently, she dished on some of Dance Moms worst fights and how they escalated. She even apologizes for some of the examples set by her and the parents on the show.

Miller has grown to half a million subscribers on YouTube, where she shares stories that have captivated millions of views. She is known for her blunt critiques and witty one-liners, and puts those traits to the test every week on YouTube. But with what seems like much maturity and respect; not the Abby we're used to seeing on television. Recently she reacted to the first episode of her series Dance Moms and it has hit 1M views. Other collaborations with Jojo Siwa have reached over 4M views.

Miller grew up around dance in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, a Pittsburgh suburb, studying under her mother's direction at the Maryen Lorrain Dance Studio. In 1980, at age 14, Miller was given the responsibility for choreographing and coaching for one of her mother's dance competition teams. Miller eventually took over the studio in 1995 and renamed it.

The now iconic dance studio, Abby Lee Dance Company "ALDC" has been highly awarded in the competition circuit; from State, Regional, and National titles year after year. Some of her most notable students have since become household names,

Mentioned briefly earlier, Abby went on to usher in a franchise of spin offs including: Dance Moms Miami, Dance Twins, Raising Asia, Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and Abby’s Studio Rescue - where she served as Executive Producer.

Catch Abby's next Youtube video coming out tomorrow, and stay tuned for more details on her documentary and her new reality series in the works.


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