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Happy New Year! It’s only been a few days of the new year, but ABUNDANCE is my word for the year.

Let's REWIND to Christmas

My annual Christmas Party - The Jingle Mingle - was a great time; as expected! Great food, great people, great vibes. It was smaller this year due to Covid, but it was perfect. I had everyone get their Covid test the week of to insure everyone was negative so we could party safely!

Let me just say, Good Food Gurus: Good Giving Christmas turned out phenomenal! So much bigger than we expected. We were able to raise money to buy toiletries and snacks for the homeless people in LA. We connected with three shelters here in Los Angeles including: My Friend’s Place, The Midnight Mission, & The LGBT Center.

We made and distributed 200 goodie bags on December 23rd! So thankful to the people who donated to the cause, and came over to help assemble the goodie bags! I’m so appreciative of the help and support! The living room and guest room were filled with bags! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

When the Charity was over, there was no time to relax because we had to literally pack to fly out the next morning to the east coast for Christmas. I can’t tell you how happy I was to get to Berto’s family’s house and see how nice their decorations were! They did such an amazing job. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with being festive for ANY holiday!

Christmas was AMAZING! We all exchanged gifts and enjoyed laughs... and tears. I was happy to finally gift Berto his jacket that I had been working on for the whole month. It was a denim jacket with his deceased sister on the back. In the front I added assorted pins that represented her.

He loved it, his family loved it, and I loved seeing him so happy. I’m a giver, so seeing people so happy to unwrap their gifts is enough for me!

Even when we had our Christmas Movie Night with a few friends, we surprised them all with Christmas gifts before the movie started. That’s what Christmas is all about, being with loved ones, great people and holiday music of course!

New Years Eve was surrounded by amazing energy. It’s important to go into the new year surrounded by good energy. And don’t forget your greens and black eyed peas. IYKYK😉 I’m extremely thankful for what 2020 brought to me.

Yes some terrible things happened, but a lot of good things came out of it as well.

Thankful for my amazing family that I literally talk to everyday, though I can’t see them right now. Thankful for Roberto who’s literally been here for me this year, helping me grow in ways I didn’t even know. Thankful for my friends who support and always look out for me. And of course thankful for the opportunities and lessons I’ve come into contact with. Excited about all my projects that are coming up!

2021 is gearing up to be a great prosperous year filled with abundance. Talk to you next week!


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