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After Forever Hits New Series High in Viewership

The LGBTQ+ drama, After Forever, hits a new series high in latest episode on BTV.

Kevin Spirtas and Mary Beth Peil in After Forever, Season 2

The 4th episode hit the highest views yet last week. Brian (played by Kevin Spirtas) has an afternoon planned with his new boyfriend, Mark, which quickly reminds him how complicated his relationship with his own mother (played by Mary Beth Peil) was. The episode was chock full of moments that pull at your heart strings.

After Forever is the story of Brian and Jason, a 50-ish New York City gay couple, who have it all. But when a tragic death leaves Brian alone, his life is changed forever. It has won 6 Daytime Emmy Awards, and garnered much attention online.

The surprise appearance from Dawson's Creek, Mary Beth Peil, was a delight. She was in full force as the mother who just 'wanted better' for her son.

Season 3 has been green-lit with release dates to be announced. Loss is a topic rarely told through a queer lens, but when crafted and executed honestly, it has the power to broaden our perspectives.

Catch the next episode of After Forever on BTV this Friday.


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