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After Forever Releases Third Episode in Second Season

The 3rd episode of After Forever is now available to stream on BTV.

In this episode, our lead protagonist, Brian (played by Kevin Spirtas), runs into trouble at work, while some of those closest to him try to save the day.

After Forever is the story of Brian and Jason, a 50-ish New York City gay couple, who have it all. But when a tragic death leaves Brian alone, his life is changed forever. It has won 6 Daytime Emmy Awards, and garnered much attention online. As the first LGBTQ+ drama to win a Daytime Emmy, the filmmakers are proud.

Loss is a topic rarely told through a queer lens, but when crafted and executed honestly, it has the power to broaden our perspectives.

The late Michael Slade, who helped create the series, once said, “We as gay men, after we’re no longer 35, tend to disappear from popular culture.” The writing process was cathartic for Slade, whose partner, Richard, died of cancer ahead of him.

Michael believed After Forever changes the way older gay men are portrayed through characters who embark on relatable adventures in life and in love.

Season 3 has been greenly with release dates to be announced.

Catch new episodes of After Forever on BTV every Friday morning.


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