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Alex Baskin Exits Evolution Media

Alex Baskin joined Evolution Media in 2006 and has been an executive producer on more than 30 shows under their umbrella. But it seems change is in the air.

Just 3 short years ago, Evolution Media, an MGM company that has produced hits like The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, Botched, and more, promoted Alex to President and hired industry veteran Rabih Gholam as Executive Vice President, Development.

During this promotion for Alex, Barry Poznick, MGM’s President, Unscripted Television said, "As Evolution Media continues to grow and produce outstanding content, it is essential to have leaders in place that have the experience and mind for strategy that will propel the company to even greater heights."

As President, Alex led the company, setting overall strategy and overseeing day-to-day operations and the development team. He provided creative oversight for all Evolution Media productions.

Alex reported directly into Barry.

Kyle Richards, a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills since season 1, even posted on her Instagram story confirming that Alex is leaving Evolution Media. This was after Alex himself posted on Instagram with a caption "That's a wrap. Thank you."

“Alex has been an integral part of Evolution’s success and has made a name for himself as a well-respected executive, first-rate producer and innovative content creator and generator,” said Evolution CEO Douglas Ross.

There is no word what Alex's next moves will be, or if he will still be involved in the dynamic shows he had a hand in at Evolution Media. But judging from the reactions of many Housewife icons on Instagram, it doesn't seem like he will be returning to the saddle with Evolution Media anytime soon.


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