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All locked Up & Nowhere to Go ❄️

Well once again I've disappeared for weeks! 🤦‍♀️

Apparently I'm good at going off the grid! With all the little side hustles I've been trying to work, as well as trying to get my app off the ground, I've been feeling pretty void of any consistency in my routine. Even my workouts have been somewhat inconsistent (though they are still the MOST consistent thing about my life).

OKAY! Story-time y'all! I dealt with ANOTHER COVID scare the weekend before I was booked to go home to Texas for Thanksgiving. I ended up cancelling my trip all together and quarantining with my roommate the entire week. That's the whole week of Thanksgiving, because testing wasn't available until the Saturday AFTER the holiday.

I could tell my parents were somewhat relieved considering they were already a little uneasy about having me at their house after traveling through the airports.

They stay pretty secluded at their home and they know that I'm always all over the place. Even though I am careful and follow all of the CDC guidelines when working, or working out. I'd say having me as a 7 day visitor was (naturally) making them a little nervous.

So with a heavy heart, I called off my one-time-per-year visit home in hopes that this year's responsibility will lead to next year's happy & HEALTHY family reunion.

My roommate and I decided to make the best of it. We ordered groceries and used it as an opportunity to pick and choose some of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

The food turned out BOMB!!

Neither of us like turkey very much, but I knew we needed gravy for the taters, so I opted for fried chicken instead.

I used the remnants from that to make the reux for some of the best gravy I've made in a while! Seriously!

My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


The opportunity to quarantine and cook with someone, made me grateful. Many in my position would have had to quarantine alone and that would have made it harder.

Another fun thing we did to occupy our time was FaceTime drinking with my best friend Ian and our friend Marc (yup of course, the same crazy duo from my Vegas bender)!

This was HILARIOUS and so much fun! I mean, really though.

We didn't have a deck of cards at either household, so I downloaded a "deck of cards" app and we played a quarantine version of Kings Cup.

Needless to say, we don't know exactly who won, but the end looked something like this...

The thing is, though this has been my 3rd time being "exposed" to COVID since it started, I have never gotten a positive test result. I haven't been seriously ill or felt sick and for that I am so grateful.

Now that this 2020 Thanksgiving Quarantine is behind us, I'm excited to indulge in the lights, smells and feels of the Christmas season!! I'm not gonna lie, COVID or not, I have trouble being anything but whoville merry around this time of year.

Stay tuned for more tea on our next #getaway trip featuring Christmas cheer in all its glory. We are going up to the BEAUTIFUL Big Bear, CA.

It's gonna be epic! 🎁🦌

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