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Altitude and Attitude

Big Bear was a big blur!

It all came and went so quickly, but it was so nice to see some trees (and the crew). The drive there was beautiful, we hit 5,000 elevation and were literally in the clouds.

When the gang started to arrive, we beelined to the kitchen, straight to the DRANKS! Roberto and Demetre planned out some dank holiday themed drinks that we enjoyed the duration of the trip. Thanks guys!

Later, we got into our first game, where we asked intimate questions about each other. It was nice to meet and learn a little more about Reyna and Shaka! They're both hilarious and are super cool people who opened up right away. Can't wait to hang with them again.

During one round, Demetre was asked "who do you like most and who do you like least in the group..."

Mo took the liberty of answering and I was deemed her least favorite for being "fake". Hmmm... I didn't ask her to elaborate during the game, but we later had a conversation about it.

Let me break down the confusion.

In Vegas, after Mo and Sev's blow up, Mo and I talked about not wanting to be around Sev anymore, even to be cordial for our friends. Fast forward, to November, the photo below was posted to the show's IG page.

In reality, this photo was a HELLA late post that actually took place in September! This was the dinner where I INVITED everyone to Vegas...

Mo didn't know that.

So in her perspective, first I said I didn't want to be bothered with Sev anymore, then weeks later, we were at dinner together.

I understand her confusion. I do wish we had this conversation prior to the name calling and assumptions though.

We did FINALLY get the details straight and are on the same page again.

On the second day, we went snow tubing. I was being a grinch at first because I HATE snow, but it was actually pretty fun. I'm happy I got to experience my first time tubing with my friends.

I'm also impressed that my lashes and ponytail stayed in tact whilst dashing down the hill! That's QUALITY hunny!

Shoutout to Matt Sarafa for these beautiful, warm masks! See you soon.

My all time favorite activity, was building gingerbread trap houses! Thanks Brandon and Marlene for the dope idea (pun intended).

The masterpiece below was created by Roberto, Kasi and myself.

We had exposed insulation, bullet holes from the cops, and a moldy roof made from cotton candy.

We had our dealer dripped in gold and high on his own sprinkles. We had chocolate roaches trying to make their way past the licorice body guard. There was even a shot of christmas cocktail inside! We may not have been the best architects, but I give us a gold star for creativity!

Lately I've been burying myself in work and it's been hard to maintain social balance. I'm happy to have friends that pull me out of my head and into a good time!

Cheers to the homies.

Check back here next week for my holiday blog.

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