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Always Late, But Full of Love ♥️

Yes. I'm always late, but never short of love.

I want to start by introducing myself as “the late ass” and apologizing for delaying my homework. This is probably the reason I’m currently pursuing entrepreneurship instead of all the corporate jobs I had before Covid!! 😂

This trip was so magical for me in so many ways. I made friends at a time when i needed them the most. The people I met during this journey, were nothing short of a miracle in my life. As you’ll see soon - I’ve been going THROUGH IT!! I met everyone through my friend Brandon, whom I've known for 6 or 7 years. So I am new to many of the faces on the show. And to show them the most vulnerable side of me, was truly a life altering experience. I'm usually the “rock” in other people’s lives. As a personal trainer, choking my feelings down and putting on a happy face for others is the norm. As they go through their own life turbulence, I'm always there.

Unfortunately, I went through some dark moments in my personal life. And on camera. These feelings I'd typically keep buried down. But this group... 😭 they made me feel so loved and so comfortable beyond the most vulnerable me. I couldn’t be more grateful. They watched me laugh, they held me as I cried, they cheered me on as I sang my heart out in the karaoke room 😂 and even more special - they gave me a place to grieve. The friends gave me time to heal. They loved me when I needed it most. Then they even let me be the strong coach that I am, waking them up at 7AM for an early morning workout. Despite how hungover they all were - they knew I needed them to let me do my thing.

There was a lot of drama that went on within the group that I hope can get resolved. The way this group came together to nurture my heartbreak, was nothing short from true family. I was given the most amazing surprise party for my birthday, then Brandon showed up. I was grateful. But then came the best surprise of all... my best friend of 17 years rolled through the desert to surprise me too. Ian, I love you!

So how was Las Vegas? Well. We laughed, we cried, we fought, we sang, and we danced.

Dad and I

Living in LA makes us appreciate the fact that you can build a family outside of your immediate. It makes us appreciate that type of “Friendsgiving” when you can’t afford to go home; or when COVID won’t let you. My family means the world to me, and that's why my friends do too.

After being out here alone for 7 years, I understand the heart that goes into the friendships. Especially those relationships that turn “friends” into brothers and sisters.

My only hope is that we can all come together as one by the end of all this. Despite all of our differences, it does feel like a family that so many of us need in this turbulent time in America. We love each other. We fight with each other. We lift each other up when we are falling down... or just crying in the fetal position lol. We make each other stronger. Together we become the “family” who can help one another.

I think that’s what America needs to see right now. I know that’s what’s REAL within us.

Cheers to Halloween coming soon.

Take a look at my 2018 Halloween look. What should I be this year? What are you going to be?

I'm so excited to spend more time with my friends. Marleen is throwing the party. I'll be serving the looks. Let’s see how we heal and get stronger by then; and even after then.

Shall we? 🥂

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