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Andrew Young "Feels at Home" on Set of New Project

The director of photography, Andrew Young, gave a behind the scenes look at a new project he is working on.

Courtesy of Andrew Young's Instagram

He posted on his Instagram page with a caption that read, "On set days are always the best! That’s where it feels most like home for me!!"

It looks like he's happy to be back behind the camera on an undisclosed project in the works at BTV Studios.

The faces in the photograph are known faces from the BTV network, Joel Parent and Brandon Stewart, with a fresh face we've not seen before - Kyla Moyle.

Andrew is the creator of Rusty Camel, a comedy mockumentary that released right before the pandemic. He is one of the faces behind the millions of views BTV has accrued starring talent like: Abby Lee Miller, Ayden Mekus and Claire RockSmith.

Andrew currently serves as Head of Production at BTV and was even the face of BTV Tech, a series that premiered on January 24th of this year, where he reviewed various camera equipment and game consoles. He has had a hand in almost every original series the network has put out - and is even in talks to join the hit series Shine next season.

It's always a good sign when Andrew is back on set. That means more content for us at home.

Stay tuned for more exclusive updates from BTV Insider.


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