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Aprina Johnson Storms Off in Rage on Shine Tonight

The early favorite, Aprina Johnson, is seen in a teaser storming off in a rage ahead of the episode dropping tonight.

Aprina Johnson poses during Top 40 photoshoot at Shine on Brandon TV BTV. She walked off set during tonight's episode.
Aprina Johnson, Shine Season 3

The Black Lives Matter advocate auditioned in Louisville, Kentucky during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. She was leading several equality marches at the time, as well as bringing global awareness to Breonna Taylor's unlawful death. Her original song she chose to audition with was good, but not good enough for the judges. Brandon Stewart, creator of the series and judge, asked her to sing another.

The potential could be seen for miles, and the judges knew it. A unanimous 'yes' vote from all three judges, Stewart, Ashthon Jones and 2'Live Bre, put her into the Top 40 - which subsequently challenged her moral compass. A controversial decision that now has everyone talking - did she make the right move?

At the end of last week's episode, she is seen walking out of the room after Stewart told the finalists they would be the ones voting 3 people to go home. And they had to vote in front of all the finalists. Then the peek at tonight's episode also showed her saying "I'm not hurtin no little kids," after storming toward the bathrooms, waving her water bottle at the oncoming camera crew.

Shine also tweeted her quote in promotion for the episode tonight.

If feuds are the main course for viewers each week, it does look as if Johnson will have her seat at the controversial table. Will her moral compass get her eliminated, or will the judges let her decision to walk out slide? And if the judges let it slide, how will the contestants feel about it?

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