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Ashley Atwood Talks Wild Wild Yogis and What's Next

Actress and producer, Ashley Atwood, opened up to BTV Insider in an exclusive interview about her series Wild Wild Yogis and what's coming next in her career.

Ashley Atwood smiling
Courtesy of IMDb, Ashley Atwood

Atwood is no stranger to the big screen. Before Thursday Afternoon Films' Wild Wild Yogis, Atwood portrayed Nurse Melissa in The Poison Rose starring John Travolta and Morgan Freeman. When we asked her what she's been working on since, she told us she "started producing Rekindling Christmas," which was nominated for a Daytime Emmy award.

"It'll be screening at Playhouse West Film Festival on August 27th at 7:30pm," she continued. "You can also find it on Amazon Prime."

Wild Wild Yogis was about five influencers that embarked on an exclusive yoga retreat led by a gender-fluid guru. It was cooky, that's for sure. But it was also very funny, harnessing a niche audience that rallied behind the comedy week after week.

Atwood's character, Sage, was a character many took interest in after episode one; where she was caught in the living room during her vaginal steaming session. As the season progresses, Atwood appears a few more times helping develop her girlfriend's project - the guru.

Ashley Atwood as Sage in Wild Wild Yogis on Brandon TV BTV
Ashley Atwood in Wild Wild Yogis, BTV

"We still want to shoot another project together," Atwood said. "We all love the group, but I think everyone is working on individual projects right now." Atwood is referring to her partners at Thursday Afternoon Films.

"I'm currently hosting and producing a YouTube show and Podcast called 'Hot to be a Homeowner'. It'll launch in October."

Atwood is not one to sit still. If she's not on screen, she's off screen bringing something to life she is passionate about. But it seems October will be a busy month for this soon to be mother. BTV Insider learned she will be having a baby in October as well.

"My husband and I moved to Phoenix," Atwood unveiled to us.

Ashley Atwood on the red carpet at Sofitel hotels and resorts Los Angeles at Beverly Hills btv Brandon tv
Ashley Atwood, Courtesy of MaximoTV

It seems the multi-talented actress has many things to get excited about. She even told us she has a horror thriller called American Boogeywoman directed by Daniel Farrands available now too. "I played real life serial killer Aileen Wournos. You might not recognize me." It's available to stream on Netflix.


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