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Ashthon and Brandon Reunite in Las Vegas Leading to Shine Return

The Shine judges from the #1 online singing competition in America, Brandon Stewart and Ashthon Jones, reunited in Las Vegas this week leading to their show's return coming on September 25th.

Brandon Stewart, Justin Byrd, Ashthon Jones, Joel Parent at Area 15 in Las Vegas on Vacation leading to the return of Shine Season 3.
Courtesy of Ashthon Jones' Instagram

Jones, a Grammy winning singer/songwriter updated her Instagram story with a few surprises this week. Her fellow judge on Shine, Stewart, appeared on the Vegas adventure with her alongside The Getaway Los Angeles' Justin Byrd and Head of Unscripted at BTV Studios, Joel Parent. They visited the neon playground - Area 15.

In a recent interview with the judging panel, Jones' weighed in on how she felt about having to wait for the return and we agreed with her when she said, "it's been hard." Jones has been an advocate for BTV since the first episode of Shine aired in 2017.

"It takes time to build what we have here. I mean look at BTV now, just launching a talent division and that's taken a great deal of time to structure internally. Which is exactly what Shine is all about. Artist first." Ashthon told us.

The Shine duo even united with Claire RockSmith, following her recent announcement she has a new series coming.

BTV Insider sat down with RockSmith recently to ask her if we could get some early details regarding her return to the small screen.

"It's a spin-off to a show that's really popular," she told us. She continued, "I'll be hosting the spin-off with some other cast members I'm looking forward to working with."

This makes us wonder if it has something to do with Shine?

When we asked her what the most exciting thing about this new show she has coming, she told us it was "the music." Then we asked if the series was a musical.

"Not exactly," she said, "it's more of an opportunity."


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