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Ashthon Jones Celebrates Late Mother's Birthday

Grab the tissues because this one was emotional. Shine's Ashthon Jones posted a beautiful happy birthday to her late mother on Facebook yesterday.

Ashthon Jones in Shine S3

Ashthon celebrates her late mother each year for occasions such as Mother's Day, her birthday and various holidays. Her mom was one of her biggest supporters and had always believed in her long before her run on the hit series, American Idol.

Soon after Idol, Ashthon went on tour with former First Lady, Michelle Obama, and won a Grammy Award alongside Christian music superstar, Lecrae. Now she sits on the judging panel of hit series, Shine, where her role is to inspire fresh faces across the globe, to launch their own careers in music.

But one thing is for sure, family means everything to Ashthon. A source close to her told us that she is "always surrounding herself with love." Ashthon recently moved back to Atlanta, Georgia after finishing a project in Southern Florida. As she gears up for new music, she never forgets where her heart is.

Below is the video she posted in honor of her late mother's birthday.

Don't forget to catch Ashthon in Shine's season 3 return coming in September.


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