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Ashthon Jones is Upset at 2'Live Bre "Flip Flopping" on Shine

The hit online singing competition, Shine, is heating up in more ways than one.

Ashthon Jones, Shine Season 3 on Brandon TV BTV. She is wearing a light blue silky shirt, with a brown brimmed hat.
Ashthon Jones, Shine Season 3

Ashthon Jones, a judge since its freshman season, is not very happy with 2'Live Bre, a hip hop artist who is on his second season as a judge on Shine. The two often bicker on the show, alongside the third and final judge, Brandon Stewart.

"I felt like he flip flopped on what we talked about downstairs," Jones told BTV Insider. "It almost felt like he couldn't just be honest with us."

Then when Jones watched the 10th episode back last Sunday night, she finally saw what he said to contestant, Aprina Johnson, who had walked out during the first challenge.

"I was so shook," Jones said. "I thought he was on our side and just went out there to calm [Johnson] down. That's not at all what he did, he was siding with her. That was crazy to watch. Then when she got back into the room and didn't respond to me, honey I wasn't happy. I'm not happy."

When we reached out to Bre for a comment, he told us, "This is how it goes. Sometimes we agree and sometimes we do not agree."

But Jones believes it's more than a disagreement.

2'Live Bre, Shine Season 3 on Brandon TV BTV.
2'Live Bre, Shine Season 3

The drama continued at the bar later in the episode when Jones was confronted by Christian Alexander and Zakeyion Anderson - two opinionated finalists left on the show. "I was ambushed," Jones told us.

Anderson led the charge against Jones, with Alexander in his ear rooting him on, discussing how uncomfortable the last challenge was. This is where Jones really felt Bre did damage.

"Bre was united with us when we delivered the challenge details to everyone, which was voting the weakest link home. But then we got back to the bar and he said he wished more people voted for themselves. It was a flip flop that caused contestants who passionately voted someone out, to get upset. Then I had to handle the squabble before [Stewart] came in or it would have got uglier."

Watch how it all went down in the episode here.

When we asked Bre about that, he laughed. "I ain't ever going to agree with sending people with true character home. Both [Johnson] and Fleming [Moore] voted for themselves and that's what I would have done. I was just speaking my mind."

Jones clearly doesn't agree.

What do you think? Was Bre flipping on Jones causing more drama or was he genuinely trying to speak his truth? Could it be both?

Catch new episodes of Shine on Sundays, only on BTV.


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