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Ashthon Jones Wraps on New Music Video in Australia

The Grammy winning singer promised fans an evolved Ashthon Jones, and now she wraps on her first music video of 2023 in Australia.

Ashthon Jones Behind the Scenes of "Pop Out" new single coming in March 2023. Princess of R&B. Jude on Shine. American Idol alum. New artist. Grammy winner.
Ashthon Jones Behind the Scenes of "Pop Out"

Jones, a judge on Shine since its freshman season in 2017, has had a hand in the growing popularity of a variety of musicians. But fans have wanted more from Jones' own music career. And at the beginning of this year, she promised on social media that she would deliver.

The 'Princess of R&B' is now in Australia shooting the visual to her next single, "Pop Out."

BTV Insider can confirm, the song will drop this month, during Women's History Month. A great way to celebrate strong women in a big way.

Jones tells BTV Insider that she's "excited for what this year has in store."

She continued, "I've worked really hard to get where I am, and I feel this year is all about evolution. Not just with my music, but looking longterm on where I see myself in 5 years. What about 10 years, ya know?"

Jones is confident that she's hitting a new stride and has found her audience has only grown since joining the judging panel of the #1 online music competition in America - Shine.

"I'm thankful," she said. "It's all about breaking your career into chapters and I'm pretty sure I'm turning the page on a new one myself."

She confirmed the third season would be returning with a big finish before the Summer and also talked about their newest spin-off, Shine Juniors.

"We've inspired thousands of artists a season, not just to audition, but to fight for their dream. Some get hands on experiences with our panel and our vocal coaches. It's crazy to see how far the show has come now that we have [Shine Juniors] that will continue to expand our goal."

Jones has also launched a record label called Songbird Recordz.

"I'm not looking to sign any artists right now. It's more of a safe place for me and my music. I truly believe in being independent and building on your own vision. I don't think it's smart to sign to labels who bully you and try to own your creative babies. That's what we teach on Shine."

But when we asked if this label would conflict with the label Shine has been teasing, she quickly assured us it wouldn't.

"Absolutely not. They're two totally type of business models. Are they both record labels? Yes. But we're building them in two different directions."

She continued "I know Brandon [Stewart] is still excited to have me onboard the label we're building for our Shine winners and I'm still excited to be a part of it. I mean - we're a family, and we all know how to win."

She noted, "The artists needs people like us in their corner, so they learn not to hand their careers away, and to take their own creative control."

Check back on BTV Insider for more on Jones' new music video and don't miss her on Shine.


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