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Ashthon Teases New Look on Shine

Ashthon Jones, judge on hit series Shine, teased her new confessional look on Instagram yesterday.

The Grammy winner posed in front of a room full of eclectic items from what seems to be her music room at her home in Tampa, Florida; though she recently relocated back to Atlanta, Georgia for an untitled series in the works.

The diamond necklaces beaded her chest, with a primary color infused leather jacket that brings in the color tones from her room behind her. But it didn't stop there, as she was in full glam from her hair, to her lashes.

Jones always comes dressed to impress on the set of Shine. We even ranked our favorite outfits from the audition tour this season. She never ceases to amaze audiences with her wardrobe choices on the show.

Many fans took to her comments on the Instagram post supporting the diva on her look and one even admitted "the vibes are very high." Her fellow judge, 2'Live Bre, commented some fire emojis to keep the energy hype too.

Keep an eye out as Jones looks to bring more fashionable moments when Shine returns in 3 weeks!


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