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Ayden Mekus Leads Short Film to 1 Million Views

The TikTok phenomenon with over 11 million followers, Ayden Mekus, leads a small cast to 1 million views on his short film titled, "The School Bully".

Ayden wrote to his fans upon the release, "This is a heart touching, full of passion and emotion, a video that shows bullying in high school and the harm it does. I am so excited to share it with you. You will find excitement, love, and emotion with some hilarious moments to add laughter to your life."

Ayden is known for his inspirational messaging and comedic sketches across his social medias. He has well over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 1 million followers on Instagram as well. Pairing that with his TikTok following, he has over 13 millions active fans engaging with him every day. This makes his following larger than some A-list celebrities in major motion pictures.

Ayden reached growing popularity starring on regular episodes of Dhar Mann's digital series, promoting inspirational stories across YouTube. From his ongoing collaborations, he then joined a content house called, 'The Squad'.

Now Ayden is an independent creator, releasing new content daily.

Watch his recent short film and keep up to date with exclusive updates on Ayden and more talent at BTV Insider.


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