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This time change always gets to me when it falls back 🥱 - so I am a little behind on my blog, but no worries I will get y'all up to speed.

Let's start with work blah, blah, and blah LOL... work had been work still in the process of re-opening stores slowly. But with the new COVID exposures, that may put us at a pause once again.. UGH!!!

Anywho! I was able to catch up with Cliff for brunch, which only ended up being mimosas and I have no complaints about that. Hunnie I love me some good mimosas soo fill her up. 🍾🥂

This was the first time I had seen Cliff since our Vegas trip, so it was great to catching up and seeing how he was feeling since the trip.

Since Cliff and I vibe really well together, checking on him was my main concern after the loss of his auntie. He was super close to her.

He was in good spirits which I don't expect anything less from Cliff. Always a good time hunnie.

So the plan was to grab something to eat LOL! But that's when Cliff noticed there was a "grade B" in the window. Since I work in the restaurant industry, I couldn't take that ride eating there either. 😅

Cliff and I both agreed to only having 🍹s.

We chatted about Vegas, how we are moving on from it and how to handle things in the group moving forward. The convos were so good that we ended up having about 4-5 mimosas each. 6 hours later we are both buzzed!! 🤣

Cliff wanted to attend Marleen Halloween party, but he had to work. I didn't think I was gonna make it either, but check out the photos... love you Cliff 💜💛

I've had so much going on in my life personally but... I made it !!!

The Halloween party was well put together - everything looked soo nice. Thanks again Marleen! Her parents made street 🌮s, LAWD they were amazing.

This is my son pictured after he filled out his ballot. This was the first time he was able to vote and it felt soo good to see him fill out his ballot. He was be able to make his vote count for a change - especially in this f'kd up world of ours.

Waiting to see who the president would be was one of the most stressful weeks! The TV stayed on CNN all day and night.

Our votes counted!


Woo-hoo! My G-babies arrival date is getting closer and I am getting excited for this precious new addition to our family.

Hopefully our next #Getaway to Big Bear will be fun. See you next week hunnies!

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