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Big Bear with a Big Butt 🍑🤚🏿

I talk about how I don’t like being late, yet I’m always late to these blogs.

Have you ever felt like life is moving at like 100 mph and you just just catch glimpses of things around you? Yeah, I feel like that’s my life right now.

Well Let you just start by saying I’ve been working a lot. At work, I have been held over like crazy. I'm talking lots of overtime and very little sleep. I did just get a promotion and that means more responsibility, but it also means less time to myself.

I will say going to Lake arrowhead was such a change of pace. Or at least I hoped it was going to be.

We were supposed to be on the road by 10 AM, but of course we slept in a little bit and got a later start.

Once we were up and moving, we got on the road and coordinated with Mo to meet at Costco. For those of you guys that have been to Costco, you now it takes a long time. Since Mo and I would be cooking, we wanted to help Brandon get what was on the shopping list. He mentioned that we had to pick up some things off of Demetre's list too, so I said cool. 😎

We track back and fourth through Costco looking for things on the list. We got what we could find, but quickly realized how expensive the tab would be buying big ass bottles of things we didn't need in bulk. I mean, I hope I’m not crazy to think if you need vanilla extract, and/or simple shit like that, you should just bring it yourself. Maybe that’s just my mindset, but I'd think you'd want to make sure you bring the ingredients you needed so it’s done. Who wants to buy spices and vinegars when we all have that stuff at our houses? I’d have brought what I needed and let the overflow stuff I didn't have at my house be brought by someone else.

If we would have gotten everything off the list for Good Food Gurus we would have been well over $1,000.00 on food and that’s ridiculous. Why are we restocking a cabin with stuff that’s not all going to be used. That’s extra money! So we put the items that can be bought at a regular grocery store back and grabbed the bigger bulk items off their list. Tell me why we check out, pay for $700 worth of stuff, and we walk outside call Demetre. We wanted to let him know he needed to get the more simple items. Well, he was almost to the cabin and there was a grocery store 10 minutes from the cabin. But instead of being a team player, he scratched the whole plan and blamed Brandon for not "looking at the list" before hand. So because we couldn't find the ingredients at Cosco, he wants to throw in the towel? Then there was a little shady shade moment over the phone in the parking lot, when he insinuated Mo, Brandon and I should run the items he asked for back into Cosco to get our money back. We were in there for 2-3 hours bro, no. The lines were massive and Demetre's mouth just gets exhausting.

Like who uses 30 different ingredients and won't bring any of them; yet, you would be very happy to throw your Good Food Gurus name on it. Let's be serious, all you were going to do was prep some wings and sauce.

But Brandon, Mo and I put it behind us. We wanted to have a good time.

We finally got to the cabin and everyone helped bring in the groceries. That is when things got moving and grooving with drinks, conversation, and some new faces. Brandon made stocking survival kits, and we passed those out. I met a hot momma named Reyna, who is doing her thang running a tattoo business. She was so funny and ready to say here piece at the drop of a dime... I loved it!

It was a vibe right off the bat.

The night progressed and we had dinner with some chit chat before proceeding to the games.

Let me tell you guys, the moment a large statue rooster came out I knew this game was about to be interesting. From everyone chanted “Pass the Cock”, to some friendly shade back and forth, I just about fell out laughing. It will definitely be a game to remember. I bet you all start playing it at home! After passing the cock, we jumped into a gingerbread trap house competition where my team failed miserably. I mean It’s crazy how I took a building construction class for firefighting, yet I had the trap house looking trapped on step one... unconstructed! 🤦🏾‍♂️

On my team was:

  1. Myself

  2. Brandon

  3. Rachel

Each morning I woke up to find Mo’s beautiful self in the kitchen cooking breakfast. She had the whole house smelling good y’all.

Another fun event was snow tubbing. Brandon had a whole itinerary, you'll see it during the show. But we did it all. I even tried the world's hottest hot sauce? Like what? Can you believe that? Snow tubbing was by far the most fun though. It was the craziest thing ever. Like we were literally in the snow riding down hills. I don’t know who had the idea to link hands, but that was the hardest things ever. My hand was so frozen, I might have been able to start a snow storm.

It was a great experience for all of us and we got to do something with everybody without people sitting out. Everyone participated.

It wasn’t until the last night things got interesting. It all started off with some drinks, and it ended with Roberto grabbing my ass inappropriately. You'll see how it all plays out on the show. It was uncomfortable, and it wasn't just me he made passes at. Ian has his story too. Roberto gets drunk and acts crazy sometimes. It's no hard feelings, I know I got a wagon. But it belongs to somebody.

That's my recap on our trip. Don't miss my New Year blog coming soon.

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