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Big Vibes

I had so much fun letting loose and being able to catch up with everyone in Big Bear! I love getting together with people who are like-minded, especially right now.

Thank you to Brandon for setting it up and like always, keeping the party going.

Even though the cold is not really my thing, and I’m definitely more of a city girl, the vibes at Big Bear were pristine. I’m all about the holiday cheer and there was lots of it there. The games were fun and the drinks were popping.

Alitalia and I got there before they could even open the cabin, so we did some exploring and got to feed some ducks. I do love animals enough not to eat them, but there was definitely one too many around us in the mountains. That hour we had to explore was the most peace and quiet I got during the whole trip.

After that it was games and shots and booty shaking.

I got to meet Reyna and she was down to earth; and real. She had that “shake that ass or kick rocks” mentally and she came full in! Also met Shaka. He is a successful multitasker if I’ve ever seen one. How he has enough time to be an attorney, influencer and keep those abs is beyond me. We talked a little here and there. It’s nice to meet someone who has a similar diet and doesn’t judge the vegan choice.

Alitalia and I had to cut the trip short because I had work early Sunday morning and I thought I was moving on Monday. Turns out... after I called the landlord to confirm the time I’m moving in, he decided to tell me through text that he had given the apartment to someone else.

Just like that.

I am struggling to see if there is anything I can do, maybe I could find a different apartment or apply to something and get approved same-day. I was pulling my hairs out and decided just to finish the year in the same place. I lost money but in the long run but it’s better than not having a place to stay.

Also found out someone committed fraud on my card and took out a couple hundred dollars. At the end of the day, all of this is fixable and I still count my blessings every damn day.

Catch me next week! Stay positive you guys. 🤍

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