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Ahhh, this year is off to a great start if may say so myself. I’ve been really spending time on my brand and my crafts. It’s great actually. I set my intentions right before the new year, and burned my ABUNDANCE candle. So keep all the negative energy away from me. All positive vibes for me.

I’ve been in an amazing space lately mentally and physically. I’ve been going hard in the gym since some of them are open outdoors again. Really working on the body and skin. “Working out, sleeping in, taking vitamins” in Kasi’s voice.

I picked up two new natural hair brand collaborations recently and I’m super excited about them both. Great things have been happening and I’ve been here for it. Good Food Gurus is flourishing. The page and website are doing well. We’re gearing up for a Valentine’s Day collaboration with Lusso Vitale.

Stay tuned for more!

Looking forward to going to Mexico next month!

We were suppose to go right after Thanksgiving, but Covid had other plans. I’m looking forward to a little time away to relax and recharge.

Catch up with you guys later!

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