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Booked & Busy

This week has definitely been a crazy but busy one!

Right after a long day of shooting a music video, I was able to meet up with Sev, Rachel & Alitalia for drinks. It seemed like Sev & Rachel had a little altercation back at the 4th of July event (which I missed) where it got heated. They say that they‘ve put it behind them, but I’m wondering if there’s more that they didn’t get to discuss?

Alitalia also dropped a bomb on us that we’re going to VEGAS baybeeeh! I‘m particularly excited because I’ve been working non-stop and will LOVE this #Getaway. Even though when we get back from Vegas, I have to fly out the next day to ATL for the red carpet premiere of a scripted series I filmed. And yes, more details on that to come.

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