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Brandon Poses at BET Awards

Creator and judge on Shine, Brandon Stewart, poses at the BET Awards.

He posted yesterday on Instagram with a caption that read "big big energy" tagging both BET and BET Awards. Brandon dressed in a tight black and white speckled cotton long sleeve, slightly rolled to show his accessories on his left hand.

No designer listed, he styled the undershirt with a pair of gray dress pants, cuffed above his ankle, with a pair of black dress shoes. His light brown trench coat draped over top of his shoulders gave a relaxed, yet professional, feel. The coat over the shoulders is a Brandon staple.

Many Instagram users commented on his post in support.

Brandon is the Founder and CEO of Brandon TV, also known as BTV Studios, where Emmy winning series, After Forever, is currently streaming weekly. Shine returns after the summer, where BTV will pick back up in the middle of season 3 after an 8 month intermission due to COVID-19 delays. The show is shot in real time, as the audience votes week to week on who they want to see in the next round.

Brandon is currently working on other reality programs such as: Getaway Los Angeles, Sister Rules, Abby Lee Miller Untitled Project, Cynthia Bailey Untitled Project and more. He announced on Instagram last week a new scripted comedy series was coming too, and even posted a casting notice for a new horror movie.

Keep your eyes open and don't forget to watch BTV originals every week.


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