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Brandon Stewart Celebrates the Holiday with Thanksgiving Inspired Christmas Tree

The Shine judge, Brandon Stewart, is known for his colorful personality on and off camera. And this holiday season, he sprinkled some of his personality on a Thanksgiving inspired Christmas Tree. He worked with his boyfriend, Justin Byrd and The Getaway Los Angeles creator, Joel Parent, to bring it to life.

On Instagram this morning, Stewart shared his Christmas tree that was decked with autumn flowers, seasonal miniature pumpkins and more.

The caption read, "who said you can’t have a thanksgiving tree, baby?"

Stewart is currently sitting on the judging panel for Shine's 3rd season, where they're looking to dwindle their Top 18 to a winner who will sign to their new record label. He has sat on the panel since its freshman season in 2017 with one of his closest friends, Ashthon Jones, who is a grammy-winning singer. Also on the panel for Season 3 is 2'Live Bre.

Stewart is also starring in a new reality tv show titled The Getaway Los Angeles (or abbreviated as 'TGLA') premiering in March of 2023 alongside his boyfriend, Byrd. The couple has been dating for almost 4 years now. Their relationship hit some of their rockiest moments during the 1st season of TGLA, where they now seem to have grown stronger; but not before first splitting up to heal from the show's trauma.

Now the couple seems to be inseparable.

Parent, who produces TGLA with a cast full of personalities like Stewart and Byrd, told BTV Insider that it was "build around real relationships like [Stewart] and [Byrd] and that's what makes it so appealing to fans." He is looking forward to the premiere in March, and so is a variety of bloggers and publications - including us.

Recently some of the cast were seen together, getting a first glimpse at the 1st episode during a Shine watch party that followed the Shine Juniors auditions.


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