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Brittany Snow Splits with Selling the OC's Tyler Stanaland

Brittany Snow and her husband, Tyler Stanaland are calling it quits.

Creator: David Crotty  |  Credit: Patrick McMullan via Getty Images Copyright: 2019 Patrick McMullan
Tyler Stanaland and Brittany Snow at the Emmys

The pair, who got married in March of 2020, announced their split in identical Instagram posts on Wednesday, alongside a black-and-white photo of them sitting together on the train.

"After time and consideration, Tyler and I have made the difficult decision to separate," the "Pitch Perfect" actress wrote in the caption of her post.

They both said that their decision to split "was made with love and mutual respect for one another."

Before their decision to split, Snow had her doubts about Stanaland's decision to appear on Netflix's Selling the OC, a source told BTV Insider. "Brittany never wanted Tyler on the show but he was adamant," a source says. "He wanted to make a name for himself on his own terms."

It seemed having their lives turned into a storyline "broke them," a source added, "They had issues before, but this is the final straw."

Stanaland had an alleged romantic encounter with one of his cast-mates during the first season of Selling the OC. When the word got out, the series really seemed to capitalize on the drama. It rippled into the biggest feud of the season, when Kayla Cardona attempted to kiss him. However, it wasn't the first time.

"One night, Kayla did try and kiss me," Stanaland said. But he didn't stop there, admitting, "... it happened another night as well."

So it seems Snow was right to feel uncomfortable.

The series continued to storyline when Polly Brindle, Alex Hall and a few others found out about the near-kiss, they decided they would confront her. However, it was only after the feud divided the Oppenheim agents that Stanaland decided to step in and speak with Cardona about her behavior. Stanaland said all things were squashed between him and Cardona on the show, and even came to her defense on the boat in the finale.

Now the season is over, and Snow and Stanaland have split, the pro-surfer seems to be getting cozy with Hall - TMZ reported. Hall was championing his position against Cardona throughout the season. The two did say they're like best friends, but the headlines don't look good after condemning Cardona's actions through the show.


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