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BTV Goes to Vegas for New Series

Have you ever wanted to travel around the globe? Okay, what about around the United States? The cast of BTV's new reality series currently titled, "Getaway" do just that. Where was their first stop? Las Vegas.

After 3 years of success from their first reality series, BTV digital studios is in production of a new unscripted project. It surrounds a clique of close friends balancing their relationships, their professions and their problems. In a world ruled by money, this group of friends teach us how to be glamorous, while budgeting along the way. From one vacation to the next, the new reality series focuses on group trips in social dynamics you can't help take your eyes off of.

Las Vegas was stuffed with plenty of unpredictable fun, hangovers and even a little axe throwing. Yes, we said it. Axe throwing. This group isn't afraid of anything; including a little confrontation. Don't miss the premiere coming in 2021. You can follow many of the cast in their ongoing blogs. They dish on their weekly activities, drama and group trips.

Reality TV has long been prized by networks and streamers because it's generally cheaper to produce than scripted entertainment. "The sheer volume of footage that has to be watched and culled through to even find the story is daunting," says unscripted TV editor and editors guild board member Mary DeChambres. While streamers and digital platforms have boosted unscripted production, lower-budget shows predominate on these platforms. Overall, many reality TV employees say digital shorter form shows often offer the lowest budgets, and wider audiences, with a few exceptions.

While most shows are taking a break during the COVID-19 shutdown, BTV is highlighting the pandemic experience across all their shows. Executive producers include Brandon Stewart, who also serves as showrunner, and Joel Parent with Justice Bowens and Andrew Young serving as producers. BTV will distribute the series worldwide.


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Quotes courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

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