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Calvit Hodge and Sara Biv Talk Choreography on Camila Cabello's "Havana"

Calvit Hodge and Sara Biv are a choreographing duo who've left their creative print on the work of Camila Cabello, Major Lazer, and many more. Now they can say they had a big impact on the 1 billion views charted on Cabello's "Havana" music video.

Calvin Hodge and Sara Biv, 2018 Video Music Awards (VMA), Getty Images Courtesy of MTV.
Calvin Hodge and Sara Biv, 2018 Video Music Awards

Hodge was born and raised in the US Virgin Islands, and continues to channel his Caribbean roots through groove-infused choreography, while maintaining his inner Florida style with high energy and entertainment value.

Biv, the daughter of a sports coach, grew up on the East coast and was often conflicted between spending time at the football fields with the boys and the dance studio with the girls. Dance was her hobby from the age of three - when she began dancing at West Virginia’s Tari Jo’s Dance Studio.

As a choreographer, Hodge has worked with major artists such as Rihanna, J Balvin, The Band Perry, Hailee Steinfeld, and more. Big has worked with stars like Nicki Minaj, Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and more.

Over the past several years, the duo have been working closely with Cabello choreographing all of her major music videos, commercials, and live show performances. In addition, their work with Cabello has been recognized by the MTV VMA’s and iHeartRadio Awards, with Best Choreography nominations for “Havana,” and “Senorita.”

Instagram post backstage with Calvit Hodge, Camila Cabello and Sara Biv on tour for Camila's tour. "Havana" choreographers.
Calvit Hodge, Camila Cabello and Sara Biv

Yesterday, they sat down to dish on some tea behind one of the most watched music videos in the world. The couple, who many are waiting to see tie the knot, talk the secret ingredients behind "Havana" and the choreography that landed them a VMA nomination.

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