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Christian Agnew Goes Toe to Toe with 2'Live Bre on Shine

In the recent episode of Shine, returning contestant Christian Agnew, made it known that he had come to leave his mark; even after 2'Live Bre was unimpressed.

2'Live Bre and Christian Agnew from Shine

Bre's fellow panelists, Ashthon Jones and Brandon Stewart both seemed to brag on Christian's talent long before he arrived on the day of his audition. But it was Bre that wasn't very impressed by the end of his audition. So in true Christian fashion, he spoke his mind, letting Bre know not to "downplay him."

The Shine Instagram page posted this:

Christian's story on the series is a good one. He auditioned first in season 1 (2017), where Emmy Bodner took the crown. He placed 3rd behind Rosa Mejia, who has also been teased to be returning this season.

One thing is for sure, Christian has an ego and we're here for it. The spice in this week's episode was everything we needed and more.

Watch the full episode here.


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