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Christian Agnew Talks Feud with Judge, 2'Live Bre

When the moment was right, Top 40 R&B finalist Christian Agnew, let the fans in on the details regarding his feud with judge, 2'Live Bre.

Christian Agnew, Shine Season 3 BTV Brandon TV (Tim Hendrick, TP Photography)
Christian Agnew, Shine Season 3

The two were first seen in a face-off during Agnew's audition in Louisville, Kentucky at the Kore Art Gallery. It started friendly, but after Bre expected more from him - Agnew asked he not "down play [him]."

Bre's fellow panelists, Grammy winning Ashthon Jones, and creator of the series, Brandon Stewart, both seemed to brag on Agnew's talent long before he arrived on the day of his audition. But it was Bre that wasn't very impressed by the end.

So in true Agnew fashion, he spoke his mind. Did anyone think the feud would carry into the Top 40 - no. Did we sort of hope it would? Yes? I mean come on everybody, we love to see the drama on Sunday nights.

So after several months later, Bre was clearly not over the exchange. He hit back during his lecture on Sunday night's episode.

The subtle dig seemed to show the pair being friendly enough - for now.

2'Live Bre is in a lecture to the Top 40 contestants on Shine. BTV Brandon TV. He's wearing a floral pattern denim jacket. Controversy with Christian Agnew.
2'Live Bre, Shine Season 3

But it's clear Agnew is not backing down, as he knows he's "talented", admitting confidently in a confessional later in the episode. But Bre expects more. After Agnew's performance, Bre is seen smiling. So that leaves a few unanswered questions for the fans.

1. Did Bre feel he stepped up to the plate?

2. Was that smile one that would come to bite Agnew again?

Agnew's story on the series is a good one. He auditioned first in season 1 (2017), where Emmy Bodner took the crown. He placed 3rd behind Rosa Mejia, who had to drop out of the competition due to her pregnancy. So this removed the two competitors that stopped him from the top spot, seemingly great odds. One thing is for sure, Agnew has an ego and Bre is testing it.

Could the feud cost Agnew his spot in the next round? Eliminations are coming up this Sunday, so we'll soon find out.

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