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Chula y Chingona

Hey ya'll,

Como estan mis amores, how's everyone doing? We let me catch you guys up real quick so first off I finally got to hang out with my girl Alitalia and guess what .....We're going to VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!! Yupppppp you got that right and you know your favorite latinx are coming with the glam full throttle baby haha.

Now you knowwww that sometimes my LA babes need a little #OC in their lives and I also got to catch up and hang out with Sev and Justin in Huntington Beach for dranks. Sometimes a girl just needs her guys. #OhhhhHapppyyDayyyyyyyy

"mami que tu quiereeeeeeeeee"

aqui llego tu tiburon........

If you know you knowwww that when that song plays you just gotta get up and dance. There's so much of me that you guys still don't know but I'm ready to put all the cards on the table and let you into mi vida loca.

Hasta luego babies. Until next time.

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