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Claire RockSmith Inks Deal with Brandon TV "BTV" Studio

Claire RockSmith inks a deal with BTV where the studio is gearing up to produce various projects around the YouTube star.

Her first scripted series, Who's Claire is coming up on its 6th episode this weekend. It has garnered interest from hundreds of thousands of fans. The cast is full of Claire's closest friends and family, including her little sister, Reese RockSmith, her mother, Ashley RockSmith and one of her best friends, Sophie Fergi.

In the series, Claire plays a psychic who can foresee the future, where she is the key to stopping an oncoming war.

RockSmith's YouTube channel has grown over 60M views and is at 895K subscribers. Her channel built popularity around challenges and reaction videos, where she entertained her fans by putting herself out there no matter how big the task.

RockSmith is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. She told us, "I started entertaining when I was younger," further explaining how she and her sister would perform skits and puppet shows for her moms. She seems to really be enjoying her first scripted series, and looks forward to doing more like it.

RockSmith is in talks for several other projects in development at BTV.


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