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Claire RockSmith Leads "Who's Claire" Series to 1.3 Million Audience

Young comedic actress and influencer, Claire RockSmith, led the cast of Who's Claire to a 1.3 million viewership on YouTube.

Who's Claire is a series that follows a young girl on a journey of self-discovery, filled with many unpredictable twists. It quickly became an online phenomenon when the first episode scored over 200K views within the first few weeks.

As the series progresses, the writing becomes quite elaborate. From the beginning, fans thought it was just a typical comedy. But after the mysterious ending of the premiere, the second episode left fans on the edges of their seats when we discover Claire's brother, played by Joel Parent, has an unprecedented job.


The most common inquiries from fans were if there would be another season. BTV Studios has not confirmed if another season is in the works, but producers, Brandon Stewart and Ashley RockSmith, did confirm they were "thinking about it".

Claire RockSmith in "Who's Claire"
Claire RockSmith in "Who's Claire" Ep. 10

Who's Claire is the first scripted show Claire has ever starred in. When we asked her if she would do more scripted shows like this, she said "absolutely".

Claire continued, "I knew being in 'Who's Claire' would give me an opportunity to grow. It was my first scripted show and I'm really happy with how it turned out. From vampires to witches and warlocks, the whole show was something I was glad I got to be a part of.

I'm hoping to get back to creating on YouTube for my fans as well."

Claire took a break from uploading on her YouTube channel, due to a schedule that she couldn't balance at the time. She used to post two videos a week, but leading to Vidcon she stopped her release cycle to catch a break. "Things were moving at 100 miles per hour and I needed a breather," Claire told us.

A source close to Claire told us she has also been feeling the repercussions of her recent move to Los Angeles. The former Las Vegas resident made the move in the middle of filming Who's Claire. But we can now confirm, this isn't the only show she has in the works. Claire is in talks to play Cinderella and pinned for a role in a new feature film titled, House of Samhain.

Claire is also being considered for a spin-off series centered around Shine.


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