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Claire Shows Love for Sam and Colby in New Viral TikTok

Claire RockSmith, viral content creator, hit big numbers again on TikTok when poking some fun at two of her favorite YouTubers - Sam and Colby.

Amassing millions of followers across her social media channels by posting funny videos, challenges, and more, Claire is quickly becoming a familiar face online.

Claire RockSmith in fur
Courtesy of Claire RockSmith Instagram

Claire recently starred in her first scripted series titled, "Who's Claire." The series ended on April 30th, when the 12th episode brought home a twisted finale leaving fans on a cliffhanger.

She used to post two YouTube videos a week, but leading to Vidcon she stopped her release cycle to catch a break. "Things were moving at 100 miles per hour and I needed a breather," Claire told us.

A source close to Claire told us she has also been feeling the repercussions of her recent move to Los Angeles. The former Las Vegas resident made the move in the middle of filming her last series. We also know she went through a very pubic break-up earlier this year, and left her former creative house, The Squad, after allegations against her former manager, and aunt, Tiffany 'Rockelle' Smith.

But Claire is staying strong, after her last TikTok account was deleted, with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of followers. She is back on the scene. And growing very quickly. Just yesterday she attained 15,000 new followers on the TikTok platform. Comments supporting her and asking for "more."

Samuel Golbach, and Cole Brock, (a.k.a. Sam and Colby), often attract attention for their wild videos. Sam and Colby are known for their daring exploration videos.

The more haunted the better. Sam and Colby have made a name for themselves visiting empty prisons, orphanages, hospitals - the list goes on and on. They signed with CAA in 2019, one of the biggest talent agencies to date. While Colby is single, Sam is dating a girl named Katrina Stuart.

Katrina even commented on Claire's TikTok saying "LMAO" to her creative upload.

Claire Rocksmith with Sam and Colby
Courtesy of Claire RockSmith Instagram

Would you like to see a collaboration between Sam, Colby and Claire? The two creative forces ran into one another at Vidcon and they were all smiles. Claire posted the picture of the three of them on Instagram with the caption, "Can I go on a ghost adventure with you guys?"

We certainly approve of this inquiry and think the three of them would make some binge-worthy content.

Don't miss Claire RockSmith in her daily uploads, livestreams and more on her social media platforms. More news surrounding Claire's new shows, a possible season 2 of "Who's Claire" and when we might expect her to return to YouTube, coming soon.


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