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Dear My Shady Sister ☕

I'm dedicating this blog to the queen of the shady swamp, Mrs. Demetre Durham.

I just want to breakdown his last blog and fill you in on where, yet again, Demetre is gaslighting and pointing out things that are not the truth. One thing you don't do is come for somebody's character who has helped build you up.

You talked all during your last blog about how you like to build people up. Let me just say, that's exactly what I do with everyone around me... including you. It started from my Mamma Mia Reimagined Video you were included in, me introducing you to several of my friends whom you now, seemingly, do all your business collaborations with, getting you your first Getty Image paparazzi hit, carving out a part for you in our last digital series on BTV titled, Rusty Camel, and even finding you a spot in the cast on this show where you even have this platform to promote your businesses and your content. I have been helping build you up from the jump, so a lot of this talking about me is disheartening.

Demetre in Rusty Camel (Season 1)

I play the honest game. I always want to talk about issues others want to sweep under the rug. I receive why some may find that messy, but I'm a problem solver. I always have been My focus is making sure the group is good and in doing so, sometimes hard conversations are had. I might have forced conversations to be had that likely needed a bit more time, sure, but what I don't do, is ever run from any conversation. Demetre knows I will tell you how I feel, because I've done it to him numerous times. So when he said I don't confront people, that was the biggest lie told on this show yet.

Now with that being said, there was one time I was a little bent that Rachel had a Halloween party, where she casually invited the crew to come to it, then never followed up. She actually had the party without us and never even told us she was still doing it. You'll see it play out on the show. So I talked to Demetre about that, before inviting him and Rachel over to my crib to talk about it in person. Demetre is referring to this one scenario because I asked how Demetre felt about how it all went down, before talking to Rachel. I receive that might not have been the best chain of events, and I admitted that then. But...

Demetre also said he and Rachel confronted me about it, telling me I need to be more direct. I would like to note for the people's court here, Demetre lied yet again as he didn't confront me. Rachel had a sidebar with me during a conversation I was having with Demetre, talking about how he needs to be more aware of when he's being a bad friend. Again, another moment you'll see on the show because cameras were present

I would also like to note that I am one of the most direct people in this cast... 😂

I have called everyone on their shit if and when they smell like it. That's the reason I keep strong relationships and trust they are going to get the honest truth from me. I'm never short on pulling somebody to the side and having a conversation. Just like I did with you Demetre, when you talked in circles on why you didn't include BTV in your Christmas giving event. Oh... another moment you'll see on the show I'm sure.

The one who has never confronted people is you, swamp queen. You stir the pot and do a little disappearing act, pretending you have no idea how things got started. Just like telling Alitalia all these negative things people at the cabin said about her, then trying to backtrack when she confronts you on it. Which I'm confused about that situation as well, because y'all have a relationship that is very confusing for me. You're always telling fragments of a story to prove your point and it's exhausting. Everyone recounted the dinner that night the same way, where you swear people were dragging Alitalia. Yet again, another lie.

The reason I didn't go talk to Demetre about what I heard from Alitalia is because I've known Demetre to stir the pot many times before this. It's his personality trait at this point and I'm learning it's not something that's going to change.

Honestly though Demetre, if things were so bad at that dinner, why didn't you speak up and defend her? Instead of running back to her after being 'riled up' from Cliff's blog, to stir more shit. Oh, and you guessed it readers. You'll see that entire dinner I'm referring to on the show too. I'm sure you'll even see the story I told regarding Alitalia's face mask on the show... when Demetre apparently classified me as a bad friend to Alitalia. Long story short, she didn't know how to use it, it clogged up my sink, then she blamed me. We all laughed. It was warm hearted. It was not malicious.

And don’t play games. Alitalia wasn’t even there for the conversation and Shaka is a lawyer and knows how serious

All in all, I started fresh with Demetre in the beginning of this year. This was after breaking down for him why I got to a headspace where I don't trust him. Where I did in fact, confront him. Then within the first few weeks of 2021, he falls back into same games. It's just exhausting.

What I will say, is Demetre and I are two very hard headed individuals. The minute I started doing things for him and introducing him to people, there was never a thank you. There was never anything really reciprocated. I even invited him to my birthday because I really did want to get to know him more and more. But the inclusion stopped on his end. I don't even know who any of his friends really are and I've tried to encourage him to build that bridge for us. Berto has even said Demetre's communication is bad and I understand that, but I'm probably the most busy person in the entire cast, and I still make time to plan all of our trips our group takes together. And that's even before the vacations brought cameras with us.

Demetre's First Pap at my Christmas Gala

When he said it's all love, it really is all love. I don't surround myself with negative energy, and I don't think Demetre is a bad person. I can get caught up with small things within this group and I own that. He can be a busybody, and he owns that.

I just don't want Demetre to be posting anymore shady trees when I'm not looking. If anybody needs to be confronting anybody, it's him to me.

I danced this song once before and confronted him for it. We started new and now here we are. He needs to own up to what he's saying when me, and others, are not around.

And when it comes to drawing a line between disrespect and being funny, he's often the one that doesn't know when he crosses boundaries. Some of our friends just let it be and I call him on it.

"Simple as that."

With love,


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