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Ding Dong that Orange Bitch is Gone

Can I say bitch here?

No words can express the amount of joy that I feel knowing that Trump has left the office. But, I will give a resounding YESSSSSSSS BITCH!!!!!! Ugh so happy.

But let's not forget, it is not over yet. There is still a lot of work to be done! Keep moving forward!

On another note, life has been pretty interesting as of late. I joined Task Rabbit to make some extra cash. And I've come across some amazing people. I have been learning so much.

If you will allow me, I would like to share with you a few of these encounters.

First, I met a gentleman who recently wrote a book. Apparently, it is doing very well. I helped him package hundreds of orders. For some context, this man is about 25 years older than me. He’s worked marketing for major social media platforms and retired early. I’ve had so many amazing conversations with him. He's given me insight on business, life, getting older, and staying relevant. Needless to say I was taking notes! Next, I met an older woman who needed help putting together furniture. She was so sweet. She made me coffee and gave me pastries. Upon further inspection, I noticed she had multiple cases of beautiful pastries. She told me she makes them because she’s used to having lots of visitors. But, because of COVID, that is no longer the case. But she cooks in the hopes of having a visitor. I forgot how much loneliness people are going through right now. I’m grateful for Demetre and my people. And even more grateful my parents have my sister with them. And my grandmas have their kids around. Lastly, I met a woman who is in her early 40s. She has arthritis so she isn’t as mobile as she used to be. So I help her with random things. But mostly I help her set up small gatherings for her family. Working with her has been very impactful for me. Her and her family are so grateful. They are welcoming and love to give. They remind me of my family and that island mentality of doing for your guest. She often cries because she is so happy to have help. Her family has seen a lot of death in the past year. So, every moment she is grateful for what she has. I know I sound sappy AGAIN. But life has been such a blessing to me. Yes I can complain about things I don’t have or just talk BS. But, I am humbled. Meeting these people inspired me. No matter what’s happening in my life, in the government, in the country, wherever, I am surrounded by some amazing people. I have a roof over my head. And I am able to do things that I take for granted, like opening a bottle of water. I am grateful for Demetre. He has been my rock through so much. I am grateful for this life. So many did not make it through. I’m surrounded by death, so I am grateful to be here. On another note, I have been taking a lot of photos. I am loving my new camera. Here's some pics I took with my friend Sebastian. You can take a look at the rest on my site. Who knows... you just might see a few of your favorite cast members in a photoshoot with me.

And as always, keep a look out for the Good Food Gurus. We have a lot of fun things coming your way!!

Stay blessed and not stressed. Berto

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