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Doing This for Me

If there is one thing you can count on... Is me being Real AF when it comes to questions about my age and looks. I will tell you what products I use... from the drugstore to my high end brands. In today's blog, I will take you down my journey of lip fillers. Gotta keep shit 100 always.

The bitch is back and better than ever.

"The only thing fake about me is what I inject into my face."

You guyssssssssssss, I finally went to Tijuana and got my lip fillers again.

I had an amazing doctor named Dra. Yuruany Valles aka "Dra. Blue" nicknamed after her dark blue locks. She was patient, she listened to what I wanted, and she was overall an amazing soul. I am not ashamed nor do I feel like anyone should be if they get some cosmetic alterations done. Both women and men have been getting things done for years and finally we can talk about it. I'm doing this for me. I will be aging gracefully and yes, I know, I will someday get wrinkles. And I am okay with that.


-I got Russian Lip Fillers

-I paid $260 USD

-I went to Skin Republic in Tijuana, Baja California Norte, Mexico.

-My doctor was Dra. Valles (She came HIGHLY recommend

-She is bilingual (speaks English and Spanish)

-You can find her on Instagram

-Yes they will numb you

-Yes, there will be bruising

"La belleza cuesta mi reinas"

(meaning beauty costs money my queens)

"Roses are red, violets are blue..."

Valentines Day came around the corner, along with a fellow Getaway babes birthday. Rachel, thanks for hosting our soiree; even though I was only there for just a short time. It was sooooo nice and so needed to get to see my favorites together. Whether it's at some hotel in Vegas, a cabin in big bear, or an intimate get together like Rachel's was, any time we all get to hang out, it's pure joy and always a good time.

Left to right: Rachel, Brandon, Mo, Matt, Cliff, and I

Hugs and besos forever,


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