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Drama Free Baby

Thanks for returning for another written therapy session starring me and my keyboard. I'm your host, Justin Byrd.

During Christmas I spent time with my family and hit a hard reset.

Mom and I

I really love my family. My mom's name is Delia, she is a super hardworking nurse. We bump heads sometimes, but it's all love. I always feel the harder you fight, the harder you love. She had me when she was 18 years old, so she was a young mom. I think that's a big reason I have such respect for her, but can also bicker with her more often too. We're closer in age than most mother/son relationships.

I have two sisters that are twins: Erica and Eriel. They are such bright lights in my life. They're always on Tik Tok, it's crazy. But when they're not on Tik Tok, they're in class. When I spend time with them it definitely grounds me.

Eriel, Jayanthi (baby cousin), Me and Erica

I do have to keep all these little boys in check. Erica and Eriel keep getting older and older and with age, they're getting prettier. I just know I'm going to have to be 'that' big brother. But I can fit into that no problem. My sisters will be set.

Around Christmas time I also went shopping at bath and body works with my best friend Zaira. I bought so many lotions, body washes, body cremes, oils, etc. We always get into the best kind of adventures together.

Zaira is definitely my ride or die.

I know she isn't around all the time with this big group, but she's not a big group type of girl. I respect that. We're typically connecting on a whim, during spontaneous little trips to grab food and hangout. She lives down the street from me in Pasadena.

Everybody needs a partner in crime, and I found mine.

I worked like crazy, of course. Did I mention I got promoted? So excited to be taking steps toward a my dream job. Oh and let me tell you what happened last week...

We were sent a page to go back to the station to end our shift, when my partner and I came across an accident. I went to assess the patient, to get the patient out of the car, but the patient was clearly intoxicated. I called 911, waiting for them to show up. Considering I'm just an interfaculty transporter, we don't handle 911 calls. We do report to them if we see them, but it's unlikely. Anyway, the police did show up and I had to speak to the officials reporting what I saw. The whole time the guy was acting weird and you could tell he wasn't completely present. He kept trying to convince my partner and I that he could drive away.

I had to be sure he was detained, but comfortably; because I'm no police officer child. I mean he has a whole wheel missing and he's talking about driving away. It was crazy. Then to top it all off, the police officers went to ask him a few questions, when a whole gun drops out of his jacket. Mind you, I already assessed this man. Where did this gun come from? And how in the world did it escalate so quickly?

He's going to jail. I went home. 🏡

I set some new goals for the coming new year. I hung out with friends. I started back to school. That's been crazy. I'm taking a 6 week anatomy course, trying to keep up with homework, my job as an EMT during a pandemic and managing a relationship. It takes me back to my last blog post when I talked about moving at 100mph. I mean seriously.

I missed Brandon.

He was away in Kentucky for a week and a half during the holidays. New Years day I worked and I got off at a decent time - so I was able to go hangout with Cliff and Shania. That was good experience. Cliff's drunk ass told me how important we all were to him. You know he gets drunk and let's it fly.

We pretty much stayed up till 4AM, then I had to turn around and get to work early.

I went to pick Brandon up from the airport the first week of January and I was ready to get back to our routine. Life is going good. Brandon and I just cleaned my crib and now we're going to reorganize the layout of the furniture. 3 bags of clothes to donate to goodwill and 5+ bags of trash later... fresh vibes. 😆

Finally I want to send a special shoutout to Joel, our producer and one of my good friends, for having a birthday over the new year. Also special shoutout to my sisters for having birthdays last week too.

I'll talk to you all next week!

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