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Emmy Winning "After Forever" Premieres This Week for Season 2

Season 2 of After Forever, the multiple Emmy Award-winning, short-form Digital Drama Series, will return to BTV July 8th, 2022.

The new season picks up 6 months after Season 1 ended. Brian (played by Kevin Spirtas) is dating David (Mike McGowan) with whom he was set up with by the end of Season 1. With the help of family and friends, Bryan is determined to move forward. However, moving on from the loss and memory of his late husband, Jason, is proving to be extremely complicated.

Season 1 garnered rave reviews for telling the rarely seen story of vibrant, active, mature gay men. A group that tends to lack of representation on television later in life. After Forever received kudos for its unflinching honesty in dealing with loss, while still maintaining a sense of humor for life's biggest obstacles.

The show's ability to touch a wide audience with such a niche target is proof the show did more than anticipated. At the 2019 Daytime Emmys, Season 1 made history winning 5 awards: Outstanding Digital Drama Series, Outstanding Writing for a Digital Drama Series, Outstanding Directing of a Digital Drama Series, Outstanding Actor in a Digital Drama Series, and Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Digital Drama Series. These wins made After Forever the most Emmy-awarded LGBTQ+ themed drama series on any platform.

Season 2 sees a return of most of the cast from Season 1 including Kevin Spirtas, Mitchell Anderson, David Dean Bottrell, Erin Cherry, Finn Douglas, Anita Gillette, Cady Huffman, Peter Kim, Robert Emmet Lunney, Mike McGowan, Jim Newman, Erin Leigh Peck, Jonathan Rayson, Jamison Stern and Lenny Wolpe.

The returning cast is joined this season by Mary Beth Peil (Dawson’s Creek, The Good Wife), Bill Brochtrup (NYPD Blue), Wyatt Fenner, Christopher J. Hanke, Michael McElroy, and Scott Redmond.

After Forever was again Executive Produced by its creators, Michael Slade and Kevin Spirtas, and Produced by Allison Vanore. It was directed by Tina Cesa Ward, and reunited with Director of Photography, Colleen Kwok.

The series is available on Amazon Prime for a subscription or free at BTV.


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